Annuity and Savings Fund

Through negotiations with the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, your employer has agreed to contribute on your behalf to the Greater Pennsylvania Carpenters’ Annuity and Savings Fund. These contributions are held in an individual Account on your behalf, and you direct how your Account is invested. Your Account is payable upon your retirement, death, disability or termination of employment. In addition, in-service withdrawals are available for certain prior year contributions and in the event of your financial hardship.

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Participating in the Fund

How the Fund Works


Tracking your Investments at

You will receive personal statements of the value of your Account. These statements will show the value of your Account, the amount of the contributions and the investment performance of your Account. Information on the current value of your Account is available at any time by calling the John Hancock Participant Service Center at 1-833-388-6466 or by internet at the John Hancock Retirement website.


To create an account on the John Hancock website:

Log onto the John Hancock Retirement website , click ‘Register Now’. The next screen will prompt you to enter your last name, SSN, and DOB. After entering the information it will allow you to create USERID and Password. To familiarize yourself with the John Hancock website please utilize the John Hancock Online Navigation Guide.

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John Hancock’s Retirement App – With the app, you can get on-the-go access, so you can easily manage and track your retirement account investing progress no matter where you are.