Pension FAQ

Can I change my tax deduction?

Yes. Anytime, fill out IRS Form W4-P and mail it into the Carpenters’ Combined Funds.

Can I go on direct deposit even though my pension has been in effect for sometime?

Yes. Fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and mail it to the Carpenters’ Combined Funds.

How do I change my direct deposit information?

Fill out a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form with your new information and mail it to the Carpenters’ Combined Funds.

Will direct deposit guarantee my pension check sooner?

Yes. Your monies will be electronically filed the first business day of every month. Without direct deposit, there is always a chance of your check being lost in the mail or being held up at the post office.

Why is my pension check amount a little higher?

Sometimes additional contributions come in from employers. We will recalculate your pension and backdate this amount from when your pension started.

How do I go about canceling my insurance and not have it taken out of my pension anymore?

Call the fund office and request an election form that will need to be completed, signed and returned.