Reciprocity of your Medical, Annuity and Pension benefits are available. Reciprocity is setup as a follow-the-man arrangement… meaning if you are going to temporarily work outside of the Greater Pennsylvania jurisdiction, you could have your benefits transferred back to your home fund.

Call the Fund Office to validate that the area you are going to work is signed to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters reciprocity agreement. You will need to sign a reciprocity application form to legally permit the Fund Office to receive those benefits from the outside funds.

Below are forms that you will need to fill out and mail to the Carpenters Combined Funds. We (CCF) will then mail your forms to the foreign fund office in order for reciprocating funds to occur.

Please note these forms are only for members in the Greater Pennsylvania Carpenters’ Medical, Pension, and Annuity & Savings plans only. If you are not a participating member in those plans these applications will not produce the desired results. You must contact your home fund office for reciprocal forms relative to your benefit plans.