Identification Card

Is your ID Card Up to Date?

Your Employee Identification Card is a very important document. It lets us know, when you are eligible for medical coverage, who else should be covered. It lets us know, in the case of your demise, who you want your benefits paid to. You can obtain a new card by calling the Fund Office at 412-922-5330. When completing the ID Card, please follow the instructions. Common errors are:

  • Not enclosing documentation such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees or birth certificates for new dependents
  • Members forgetting to sign the ID Card
  • Members naming themselves as beneficiary
  • No witness signature on the card or the beneficiary signing as witness.

It is important to note that YOU will be held responsible for any loss suffered by the Medical Plan because of your failure to report a change in family status. Concerning death benefits, single individuals can name anyone as beneficiary. The Plans use the last ID Card on file to determine this. If ten years ago you named an old friend as beneficiary and never submitted an update to the ID Card, that old and maybe long gone friend will receive your death benefits. PLEASE KEEP YOUR ID CARD UP TO DATE.

How to receive a New Identification Card or Change of Address card?

  • Call Carpenters Combined Funds toll free within Pennsylvania at 1-800-242-2539 or 412-922-5330.
  • Email Us